Neutering and Spaying

At The Hills Veterinary Clinic we highly advise neutering & spaying after your pet has had a thorough check up to make sure your pet is in good health for the procedure. 

We can confirm that neutering your male pets and spaying your female pets will not affect their behaviors and will actually have long term health benefits. 

For male pets they can be neutered removing their male organs which actually improves their behaviors. Whereas female spaying requires a little more time and care after surgery and we do recommend getting it done prior to their first heat. 

Advantages of spaying :

  • Prevents heat ( which occurs every 3 weeks)
  • Prevent frequent urination ( especially when on heat) 
  • Prevents infections and breast tumors. 

Advantages of neutering : 

  • Better behavior
  • Less aggressive 
  • Less prone to urinating by marking their territory inside the house. 
  • Less likely to roam around and go missing from home. 

Age we recommend for dogs is by 6 months however for giant breeds we recommend a few months later and for kittens by 3 months.