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At The Hills Veterinary Clinic, we believe that animals are family. Our mission is to serve the community by providing the highest quality care for your furry loved ones.

The bond between an owner and their pet is a special one, built on unconditional love and trust. We honor that bond and will treat your pets as if they were our own. Our veterinarians and staff are passionately committed to the well-being of animals.

Our vet clinic doors are open 7 days a week because we know that your furry family member’s health is as important on weekends as it is during the week. At our veterinary clinic in Dubai, we treat every patient as if they were our pets. We aim to make every visit a positive experience for you and your four-legged friends.

We view vet care as a partnership between our experts and loving pet parents like you. Together, we can ensure your pets enjoy the best health and quality of life. Book your visit with us today for ‘pawsitively’ great care!

Frequently Asked Questions.

We recommend vaccinating your dog or cat every year to ensure they stay protected against dangerous diseases. Annual vaccines like DHPP + L, rabies, and kennel cough for dogs, or PHC and rabies for cats, are vital to maintaining your pet’s health and preventing illness. Experts at our pet clinic in Dubai work with you to keep your furry family members up-to-date on their shots for a happy and healthy life.

For cats, we recommend neutering between 4-5 months of age, once your kitten reaches at least 2 kg. Neutering at this age allows your cat to mature while preventing unwanted litters. Some female cats can go into heat as early as 4 months, so neutering ahead of their first heat cycle prevents mating.

For dogs, we recommend neutering males between 5-7 months and females starting at 6 months. However, if your female dog is in heat, we suggest waiting 2-3 months after her heat cycle finishes before spaying. Neutering at 6-7 months allows your puppy to physically mature while preventing unwanted litters. At The Hills Veterinary Clinic – one of the best veterinary clinics in Dubai, we prioritize the health and well-being of your furry friends. Our experienced team will guide you through the neutering process and ensure the best timing for your pet.

At The Hills Veterinary Clinic, we accept all types of companion animals, from cats and dogs to hamsters and rabbits. We also have extensive experience caring for birds, reptiles, and other exotic animals. Our skilled veterinarians and staff are trained to provide quality medical care for any furry, feathered, or scaled friend who needs our help. We believe that all pets deserve compassionate, individualized treatment, so we’re happy to care for any companion animal that comes through our doors.

It’s really important to protect your furry friends from pesky parasites like fleas and ticks. Here at The Hills Veterinary Clinic, our veterinarians recommend Bravecto. This oral chew provides powerful 3-month protection against fleas and ticks, covering your pet through the entire flea life cycle. Bravecto is easy to give, starts working quickly, and can help prevent the transmission of dangerous diseases that fleas and ticks can carry.

We want to keep your pets happy, healthy, and parasite-free! Knowledgeable veterinarians at our veterinary clinic in Dubai will help choose the best flea and tick medication for your pet’s needs.


Our Veterinarians

Dr. Rojan Gray, DVM

Veterinarian Specialist in Small Animals, Snakes and Fish

Dr. Abdul Raheem, DVM

Veterinarian Specialist in Small Animals, Avian and Exotics

Dr. Eiman Alamien, DVM

Veterinarian Surgeon Specialized in Small Animals & Avian

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Let our team of caring, experienced groomers work their magic on your pet! We expertly groom all breeds of cats, dogs, birds and small animals.

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