Give Your Pet the Royal Treatment with the Best Pet Grooming Services in Dubai!

Getting your pet groomed from an early age is crucial for their comfort and happiness. Familiarizing them with grooming while they’re young ensures the process will be pleasant rather than stressful. Our caring groomers take the time to get to know your pet and make them feel at ease. We want grooming to be an enjoyable experience they look forward to!

Your pet deserves the very best. At The Hills Veterinary Clinic, we provide premium grooming services to keep your furry friend looking and feeling their absolute best. Our experienced groomers are highly trained and skilled in grooming all breeds of dogs and cats.

Medical Bathing on Request

Our skilled groomers provide medical bathing tailored to your pet’s unique needs. We use gentle, veterinarian-recommended shampoos and conditioners to soothe skin conditions and promote healing. Your pet will leave our facility feeling refreshed and rejuvenated after the best pet grooming session in Dubai.

Customized Trim/Breed Specific Trim

We expertly hand-scissor cuts tailored specifically for your pet’s breed, coat type and style preferences. Our groomers are highly trained to accentuate your pet’s natural features and maintain optimal health for their coat.

Anal Gland Extractions

Routine anal gland expression helps relieve discomfort and prevent impaction. Our certified veterinary technicians safely and gently perform this procedure to support your pet’s health and hygiene.


Our groomers provide the best pet grooming services in Dubai to gently de-mat and de-shed your pet’s coat. We use specialized tools and techniques to remove mats and loose hair without irritation. Your pet will feel cool and comfortable again.

Teeth Brushing

Regular teeth brushing promotes dental health and fresh breath. Our groomers are trained to properly clean your pet’s teeth using pet-safe toothpaste and toothbrushes. Just ask to add this service at the booking of your pet grooming package.

Face and Paw Trimming

Keep your pet neat between full grooms with a quick trim of the face and paws. Our stylists will carefully trim the hair around your pet’s eyes, muzzle, and feet. Shorter hair in high-contact areas prevents matting.

Tick Removal/Fungal Treatments

Protect your pet’s health with tick removal and anti-fungal baths. Our groomers check thoroughly for ticks during each visit and can provide medicated baths to treat ringworm and other fungal infections. Just request at booking.

Full Shaving

A full shave provides relief for pets with extremely matted, overgrown coats. This pet grooming service in Dubai includes a safe, close shave down to the skin so the coat can grow back healthy. Perfect for severely neglected coats or changing coat seasons.

Why Choose Us for Pet Grooming in Dubai?

We have years of experience providing high-quality pet grooming services in Dubai. Our talented groomers are skilled in safely grooming dogs and cats of all breeds and sizes. We use only the highest quality grooming products and tools to ensure your pet’s comfort, health, and happiness. Your pet’s grooming needs are our top priority.

Our Passion for Pets Shines Through

No two pets are alike, so we tailor our pet grooming services to match each pet’s coat type, temperament and style preferences. We’ll consult with you to determine the best service for your furry friend.

Customized Services to Suit Your Pet's Needs

We understand that every pet is unique, and their vaccination needs may vary. That’s why we develop customized vaccination plans tailored to your pet’s specific requirements. Whether your pet is a playful puppy, a curious kitten, or a senior companion, our pet vaccination clinic follows the right vaccination protocols to keep them protected.

Safe, Calming Environment

Pets can get anxious about grooming, so we strive to create a calm, soothing atmosphere. Our facility for pet grooming in Dubai is designed to be peaceful and relaxing for your pet.

Use of Quality Products

We use only the highest quality shampoos, conditioners and tools that are safe and gentle. This ensures your pet’s coat and skin will be healthy and beautiful.

Affordable Prices

We offer affordable pet grooming services in Dubai so pet parents can maintain their pet’s appearance without breaking the bank.

Convenient Booking

You can easily book appointments online or over the phone. We’re flexible to accommodate your schedule.

Choose The Hills Veterinary Clinic for exceptional pet grooming in Dubai. With our years of experience, we are the perfect choice for your furry friend’s grooming needs. Contact us today to schedule an appointment and give your pet the pampering they deserve!