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veterinary clinic dubai
Day Care Dubai

Pamper Your Pets with Expert Pet Care in Dubai!

Your pet is a part of your family, and they deserve the same love, care, and comfort that you enjoy. At The Hills Veterinary Clinic, we understand the special bond between pets and their owners. That’s why we offer premium pet care and boarding services to give your furry friends a home away from home when you have to be away.

Personalized Attention for Every Pet

Our staff consists of passionate pet lovers who are committed to making your pets feel comfortable and loved. At our advanced pet care clinic, we strive to create an environment that mimics the warmth and familiarity of home. Whether it’s cuddling up on a cozy bed or playing with their favorite toys, your pets will experience the utmost care and attention throughout their stay.

A Home Away from Home

We expertly hand-scissor cuts tailored specifically for your pet’s breed, coat type and style preferences. Our groomers are highly trained to accentuate your pet’s natural features and maintain optimal health for their coat.

Hourly Pet Walks for a Healthy Routine

Exercise is an essential part of your pet’s well-being, and we understand the importance of keeping them active. That’s why we offer hourly pet walks, with a minimum of 2 hours a day. Our experienced staff will take your furry friend on refreshing walks, providing them with the exercise they need to stay healthy and happy.

Convenience at Your Doorstep

We know that life can get busy, and sometimes transporting your pets to and from our pet care facility in Dubai can be challenging. To make your life easier, we offer a pick-up and delivery service for your pets. Whether you’re at home or work, our reliable team will make sure that your pets are safely transported to and from our pet care center. Please note that this service is available for an additional fee.

Why Choose Us for Expert Pet Care in Dubai?

When you need someone to care for your furry family member while you’re away, trust the experienced team at The Hills Veterinary Clinic. Our pet care center in Dubai provides a safe, fun environment where your pet can play and relax when you can’t be there.

Clean and Comfortable Accommodations

When it comes to your pet’s comfort, we don’t compromise. Our pet care facility in Dubai is designed to provide a clean and comfortable environment for your pets. Each pet has their own spacious, well-maintained space where they can relax and unwind. We also make sure that the facilities are regularly cleaned and sanitized to maintain a hygienic environment.

24-Hour Care and Supervision

At our advanced pet care clinic, our experienced staff is available around the clock to care for your pet. We provide feedings, walks, playtime, grooming, and administer any needed medications or treatments.You can rest assured knowing your pet’s needs are being met and they are under constant care and supervision.

Enriching Activities and Play

We engage your pet with walks, playtime, grooming, and affection during their stay with us. For daycare pets, we provide ongoing opportunities for social interaction, play, and mental stimulation throughout the day so your pet can get exercise and have fun with our staff and other pets.

Peace of Mind

Leaving your pet in someone else’s care can be stressful, but with The Hills Veterinary Clinic, you can have peace of mind. Our pet care center is equipped with state-of-the-art security systems to ensure the safety and well-being of your pets at all times. You can rest assured knowing that your furry friends are in a secure and loving environment.

Contact us today to learn more about our pet daycare and boarding services and to schedule a visit. Let us show you why The Hills Veterinary Clinic is the ideal choice for your pet’s care in Dubai!